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Nibbles is an anthropomorophic hamster who is a former member of RASSR and the Dowdy Clan.  His place of birth is unknown, as he was left outside the entrance of RASSR headquarters when he was just a baby.  No trace was found concerning anyone who had left him there.

Upon his discovery, Donald of the Dowdy Clan volunteered to take care of the hamster, who was presumed to be merely a hamster.  After a year of caretaking, however, the Dowdy Clan learned the hamster they had named Nibbles was no ordinary hamster, but posessed human qualities such as language learning and the ability to grasp with his hands.  In addition, he has outlived the typical lifespan of a hamster, as it is estimated Nibbles was born sometime in 1991.  Nibbles also stands an astonishing 4'1".  His origin remains to be one of the biggest mysteries RASSR has yet to solve; however, he has proven to be one of the team's most valuable assets.

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