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The Rorrim Stronghold is a fortress that served as the primary retreat for the Rorrim tribe.  Hewn from a massive boulder, the stronghold is hidden deep in the rocky plains of Hippo Land and has lasted for centuries. 

Physical DescriptionEdit

The outside of the Rorrim stronghold blends in perfectly with the surrounding, craggy terrain.  The interior is lined with old and new coins a like, precious gems and metals, and the chests that could not contain all of the treasure.  Severed heads of prized victimes remain mounted on the wall. 

Due to the lack of natural lighting, lanterns must be lit inside the stronghold for visibility.  At the deepest point of the interior sits a solitary, solid gold throne with red cushioning; presumably the resting place for Orrim Fognik.

Recent EventsEdit

Since the detainment of the remaining members of the Rorrim tribe, little activity has occured in this area.  Rumors of great treasure have captured the attention of plunderers, but no one has been able to find it save Whitning.

As for what treasure Whitning was intent on finding, the answer to that remained unknown until it had been found.  Among other valuable artifacts such as gems, battle armor, and even victim's bodies, Whitning discovered the book of the gods, which answered questions concerning the most primitive times of human life in these realms.