The Great Equalizer is the topic of a passed down prophecy which states: "Written in the stars, you will find the great equalizer." The current interpretation of the prophecy states that the Great Equalizer is a physical object which lies between the worlds of Earth, Hippo Land, and the World of the Stars, in the constellation of Felix.


The Great Equalizer is said to grant one the ability to wield all seven elemental spirits at once, a feat which is normally impossible. 

Current EventsEdit

Whitning is told the Great Equalizer by the Beast during a short trip to the Northern Forbidden Zone. Soon after hearing of it, Whitning and Blackout question the meaning of it, but eventually come to the conclusion that it is out of their reach. After learning of the existence of the Max Portals, Whitning believes that the Great Equalizer is within reach, but thus far, no attempt to journey to its location has occurred. 


  • The Great Equalizer is located approximately 268 light years away from the constellation of Felix; however, based on the similar appearance of the constellation from all three worlds, it is stated that the Great Equalizer is really located within the constellation itself.